Basic Computer Course

Vision Shine InfoTech offers Basic Computer Training Course in Rohtak.

In today’s Computer world, it is almost impossible to survive without computers. From student to business, everyone depends on computer for their work. Computer not only helps with our study & office work, but also used for entertainment.

Our specialize faculties provides basic computer training with modern tools. We simply learning and provide easy way to learn computers basic.

Our basic computer course covers knowledge about computer hardware devices, computer programs, ms-office, e-mailing, internet surfing and other uses in daily life.

6 Weeks Short Term Course 3 Months Professional Training 6 Months Industrial Project Training

Course Highlights:

Free Demo Class
 Practical Sessions
Skill development
Study Notes

Basic Computer Training Course Syllabus:

  Introduction to Computers
  • Session 1: Introduction, History and Scope of Computers
  • Session 2: Characteristics of Computers 
  • Session 3: Types of computers and features
  • Session 4: Computer Hardware & Sofware 
  • Session 5: Memory & I/O Devices 
  • Windows Operating Environment 
  • Session 6: Basic Features of Windows OS 
  • Session 7: Control Panel 
  • Session 8: Taskbar & Desktop 
  • Session 8: Windows Shortcut Keys 
  • Windows Accessories & Tools
  • Session 10: Notepad 
  • Session 11: Paint 
  • Session 12: Photo Editing & Re-size 
  • Session 13: Media player 
  • MS Office  
  • Session 14: Microsoft Word 
  • Session 15: Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Session 16: Microsoft Excel 
  • Session 17: Microsoft Access 
  • E-mail & Internet 
  • Session 18: Browsers & Internet Surfing 
  • Session 19: Google Search Tools
  • Session 20: Creating E-mail Account 
  • Session 21: Basics of Social Networking Site
  • Session 22: Creating E-mail Account 
  • Session 23: Basics of HTML
  • Computer makes our life easy in variety of ways. Therefore, Everyone should be aware about the basic of computer. Even if someone has no use of computer today, he may need it in near future. You can use it to store your information, play music, to read news or to check online exam results.

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