Dot NET / C# Training

Vision Shine InfoTech provides .NET Training Classes in Rohtak (Haryana).

.NET is widely used language in windows and web applications in real time environment.

Our .NET training course includes OOPs concepts, Core concepts and some Advance concepts.

.NET/C# Training – Course Highlights:

Free Demo Class
Live Projects Exposure
Skill Development

Along with basic .NET, we cover advance features of .NET like Collection, LINQ, Lambda Expression and later on ADO.Net, ASP.Net Web Form, ASP.Net Web Services.

It is good if you have basic knowledge of C, C++ . We make sure that our training course is easy to understand for freshers as well.

.NET Training Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Introduction to .NET Programming
.Net Concepts
  • Session 1: Framework & Common Language Runtime
  • Session 2: Common Type System (CTS) & Intermediate Language
  • Session 3: Basic Syntax, Variables
  • Session 4: Constants, Keywords
  • Session 5: Data Types, Reference Types
  • Session 6: Control Statements, Conditional Statements, Switch Statement
  • Session 7: Loops, Jump Statements, goto, break
  • Session 8: Continue, Return, Arrays
  • Exception Handling in C#
  • Session 9: Exception Handling Classes
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Session 10: Class & Objects
  • Session 11: Encapsulation
  • Session 12: Abstraction
  • Session 13: Inheritance
  • Session 14: Polymorphism
  • Advance Topics
  • Session 15: Delegates & Events
  • Session 16: Collection
  • Session 17: Generics
  • Session 18: Data Stream & Files
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