Microsoft Office Training Course

Vision Shine InfoTech offers Microsoft Office Training Course in Rohtak.

Our MS Office coaching includes, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Access. You can join this training course with or after Basic Computer Training Course.

As India going digital, most of the work is getting computer based. From student to businessman, everyone is using computers now a days. Many organisation use Microsoft office to create their official documents.

You can create reports & various other documents in MS Word while you can prepare you calculations, graphs & other operations with the help of MS Excel. We provides coaching classes on advanced topics as well.

Microsoft Office Course Syllabus:

  Introduction to MS Office
  • Session 1: Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Session 2: Create a new document. 
  • Session 3: Open, save and print a document.
  • Session 4: Edit and format text. 
  • Session 5: Change the page layout, background and borders. 
  • Session 6: Insert headers and footers. 
  • Session 7: Insert and edit tables. 
  • Session 8: Insert clip-art and pictures to documents. 
  • Session 9: Page Layout and Printing
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 
  • Session 10: Working with Data 
  • Session 11: Saving and Opening Workbooks 
  • Session 12: Working with Formulas/Functions 
  • Session 13: Data Sorting and Filtering 
  • Session 14: Inserting/Deleting Rows and Columns 
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Session 15: Examine slide show presentation concepts 
  • Session 16: Create a new presentation. 
  • Session 17: Modify presentation themes. 
  • Session 18: Add and edit text to slides. 
  • Session 19: Add new slides to a presentation. 
  • Session 20: Insert clipart images and shapes to slides. 
  • Session 21: Insert and modify tables and charts. 
  • Session 22: Add sound and video to a slide presentation. 
  • Session 23: Insert and edit animations and slide transitions. 
  • Introduction to Microsoft Access 
  • Session 24: Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Access environment. 
  • Session 25: Design a simple database. 
  • Session 26: Modify presentation themes. 
  • Session 27: Build a new database with related tables. 
  • Session 28: Manage the data in a table. 
  • Session 29: Query a database using different methods. 
  • Session 30: Import and export data. 
  • MS Office can help you managing various information & document efficiently in office as well as home. Join our training course & get ready for the future.

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